Thought of the Week -- 7/14


I’ve realized I have a bit of a problem. That problem lies in carving out a regular time each week to post something up on this blog.

Part of the difficulty comes from the fact that I actually don’t think in blog posts. I’ve read postings on other blogs that just have this undeniably eloquent quality about them, as if their author literally just thinks in well-iterated blog posts, bold headings and html code editing included.

Maybe I’m not a person like that. Maybe I can get there someday. Regardless, I think I’ve realized over the past few weeks that the key to this whole blog operation is going to be understanding how I think during the week, and then devising a way to churn that out as a weekly posting. And the way I think is in short musings, maybe only one or two paragraphs worth of thought at a time.

So here it goes…

I think I need to maximize my weeknights.

In my continuing pursuit of writing a novel, I came up with an arrangement: day job during the week, writing on the weekends. And that worked for a bit, it really did. But it’s not anymore.

I won’t lie, 45+ hours a week between accounts payable and the high school sports beat takes it out of me. And if I want to, you know, talk to actual people for extended amounts of time, that cuts into the weekend. So I think I’m gonna have to can my binge-method of writing solely in four-hour spurts on the weekends, and start cutting out hours from my weeknights. I know, this is like the most obvious epiphany ever, but it’s big for me. It’s indicative of my intense desire to be able to answer anyone who asks me when my novel will be ready to publish with an answer about how it is currently being published. I need to get this thing finished.

So full steam ahead.




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