Wait...You Mean I Have To Read My Own Book?

63,236. That's the current length (in words) of my novel. At least according to Microsoft Word, and since Word has yet to give me a reason not to trust it, I'm inclined to agree.


That tells me two things: 1) This thing is real, that's like most of a book right there, and 2) I really need to read through this thing again.


Exciting right? Well, maybe if you were anyone but me.


For some reason, I'm finding myself feeling more apprehensive than anything at the prospect of reading through 60,000 words produced by my own creative process. There are a couple of reasons, one being that I have no idea at all how to read through my own writing without being either incredibly generous and back-patty to myself or entirely too stringent with my own criticism. Hopefully I'll land somewhere in between.


But so far it's been all right. Mind you, I've only gone over maybe 4,000 words of it, but they were (in my own humble and completely unbiased opinion) some pretty good words. I still think my first chapter is pretty solid (fingers crossed). It fits my vision for the rest of the book pretty well, and still reads (to me at least) as compelling as I thought it was when I wrote it almost two years ago. So the read-through's off to a good start, I suppose.


Of course it's still a long way from being at a point where I feel I can let it out of the bag and have someone else with more editorial acumen look over it, but still, it was good to read through it again and enjoy the experience. Honestly, there have been more than a few moments of frustration in this process, and the thing that has pushed me through them was this chapter. It reminded me (and it still does) that yes, I can do this writing thing, even when I feel like the words I want just aren't coming.


So after 4,000 words,  I feel like this book's going to be great. So great that I'm going to coin a Community-inspired hashtag.






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